Chin Augmentation

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Chin Augmentation services offered in Fort Worth, TX

If you desire a stronger jawline and an aesthetically pleasing facial profile, you can rely on 817 Surgical Arts in Fort Worth, Texas. Triple board-certified facial plastic and cosmetic surgeon Emily Johnson, DO offers chin augmentation to improve the look of your chin and help you gain confidence. Call the office to learn more or schedule an appointment online today.

Chin Augmentation Q & A

What is chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that enhances the appearance of your chin. Dr. Johnson may choose to inject fat or insert an implant to reshape your jaw and improve the look of your profile. She personalizes each chin augmentation procedure to ensure desirable results.

What are the benefits of chin augmentation?

Benefits of undergoing chin augmentation include:

  • Stronger facial profile
  • Improve contours
  • Stronger jawline
  • Beautiful chin shape
  • Self-confidence

If you have a weak, small, or distorted chin or you’re unhappy with its overall appearance, chin augmentation is a good option.

Is chin augmentation right for me?

Dr. Johnson discusses your medical history and desired results before you undergo chin augmentation. She examines your chin, jaw, and face and uses in office photos to discuss if the treatment is right for you. She may combine chin augmentation with other aesthetic treatments to achieve the facial contours you long for.

What happens during the chin augmentation procedure?

During chin augmentation surgery, you receive numbing medicine and a sedative to relax you or general anesthesia to make you fall asleep. 

Depending on the type of chin augmentation selected, Dr. Johnson may either harvest fat to augment the chin or she will make a small incision, restructures tissues as needed, and places an implant underneath skin and muscle tissues. She then secures the implant in place and closes your incisions. Each procedure might last about 1-2 hours.

If you’re a candidate for a rhinoplasty (nose) job, Dr. Johnson can perform this procedure at the same time as chin augmentation.

What should I expect after my chin augmentation?

After your procedure, you may have some temporary bruising, redness, swelling, or tenderness. Take medicines as directed, keep the treatment area clean, and get plenty of rest. Numbness in your chin is a common side effect.

It is recommended to follow a liquid diet for 1-2 days after the procedure. You may also need to wear a brace while you sleep during the healing process. Attend follow-up visits and resume usual activities when Dr. Johnson says it’s safe to do so.

The final results of a chin implant often occur about 3-4 months after the procedure, when all of the swelling subsides. Many chin implants last a lifetime.

To learn more about chin augmentation at 817 Surgical Arts, schedule an appointment by phone or online today.